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    Has anyone had or know of someone that has experience with LED lighting for a reef tank?? Just wondering cuz a lot of people that I have talked to aren't sold on the idea that LED's can grow corals. I have been in touch with a company that is coming out with some new LED fixtures that they say have a far more superior PAR rating than a 250 metal halide. I find that hard to believe, but maybe its true. They also said that with these new LED's, the white leds take out the useless yellow and green colors of the spectrum that go to waste because the corals don't use those colors to grow, and it results in a little bit dimmer light, but more useful light rays are aborbed by the corals. I really would like to try these, but am hesitant as I have no experience with them. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Brett

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    Default LED lighting

    I have only used LED's for my algal turf scrubber so all I can tell you is that they will grow algae. There is a site however that will tell you how to make your own LED light and there are some pics of this guys tank with the LED on it. Here is the link:


    Hope this helps. I am also interested in LED lights for coral reef. Expense is what stops most people.

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    The led aquarium light is just need white and blue color for these corals growth, the other color spectrum light is on use.

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    This is an old post.... Thanks thougg. I'm pretty familiar with leds now!!!

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    Since LED questions seem to be appearing in all of the forums, I am posting a link to Sanjay Joshi's work with LED testing. All of Dr. Joshi's prior work and articles can be browsed at Advanced Aquarist.

    This first link is to a quantitative COMPARISON between T5, Halide, and LED: http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2010/2/aafeature2

    These next two links are to his performance tests of several of the major brands of LED fixtures:

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